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We work with ambitious, creative, female entrepreneurs who are changing the face of their industries

We´re looking at you when we say that! We´ve had the honor of working with trailblazers, innovators, visionaries, like yourself. We´d love to see your story featured on this page.


"We started working with February in May and by Christmas we had gone viral twice and had to triple the size of our team to keep up with demand!"

I reached out to February because I was struggling with procrastination. February has the unique ability to understand your challenges and provide actionable strategies to overcome them.


I now understand my procrastination came from not truly being aligned with my business goals. We crafted a business plan I was genuinely so excited about and my productivity and revenue has skyrocketed since.

"If you´re doubting take this as your sign to go all in. Working with February was the best decision we have ever made for our business."

Girl with Micro Braids
Maya xx

Ali Jones


"Let me tell you about my procrastination saga before I met February. It was like a daily battle I was losing. Then enters February, my anti-procrastination guru. Highly recommended!"

"She's got this knack for turning your to-do list from a mountain into a molehill. Her strategies? Simple yet pure magic. I'm actually getting stuff done, and it feels amazing. If you've got a procrastination habit that needs kicking, February is the magician you didn't know you needed."

Ali Jones

Cyra Zana


"From confused and over thinking every decision to knowing exactly what I need to do next in my business, all thanks to this amazing team!"

"I used to overthink everything. Every decision felt like I was solving a complex math problem. Enter February, the overthinking antidote. Her wisdom on decision-making and prioritizing made me feel like a decision-making ninja. Now, I'm making choices with confidence, and it's liberating. If you've got an overthinking habit that's holding you back, February is the guide to simplicity you've been craving.."

Cyra Zana

Jules Hyler


"Our followers skyrocketed from 5K to 50K! thanks to February, we saw a 200% increase in revenue!"

"I can see clearly now that our content wasn´t resonating because I wasn´t truly aligned with the business I had created. February changed that for me and things just started to soar! I´m so grateful."

Jules Hyler
Hipster Portrait

Ash Uwir


"She's not just a coach; she's like a business therapy session! Aligning my business with my interests was a puzzle I thought I´d never solve."

"February helped me figure out where I'm going, why I'm going there, and how to actually enjoy the journey. It's like my business got a GPS, and February is the one teaching you how to set the course. If your business needs a mentor, a friend and the proper guidance to get you what you want there is no one I can recommend more than February."

Ash Uwir


Fill out the onboarding form and we can assess which service is best suited to your needs.


"February and her team transformed my business within weeks! My sales doubled in just one month. I can't thank them enough!"

"The services I was offering were confused and over complicated, I was lost in it and it was hurting my business. Then February handed me a map, and suddenly, I could navigate with ease. "

Image by Apostolos Vamvouras



No clear direction

Elle was offering many services and packages in an attempt to meet all of her clients needs. She was confusing her client and diluting her brand identity.

Clarity and direction

Simplifying Elle´s product offering gave her the ability to go deeper into two services and raise her prices and acquire her dream clients.

Unable to scale

Elle was on a hamster wheel and missing out on potential earnings. 

Passive Income

We helped Elle package up her most in demand service into a course than runs on auto pilot.

Competitve Disadvantage

Elle was losing clients to niche service providers and finding herself locked into lengthy onboarding delays.

Leader in her Industry!

Her business now runs within a small niche in which Elle quickly became the recognized expert leading to further growth.

Elle´s transformation!


"High quality clients come to us now. Outstanding results!"

"Through insightful discussions and strategic planning, she helped me define my business with crystal clarity. Now, not only do I know where I'm headed, but high-value clients are seeking me out. February turned my business from a puzzle into a masterpiece, and I'm loving the attention it's getting!"


"Within 3 months, our sales tripled, and we experienced unprecedented growth.

"February doesn't just coach; she architects success. She worked with me to create a blueprint for my business that was built to attract high-value clients and super charge my revenue. With her strategic insights, I've seen a remarkable shift in the caliber of clients seeking my services. February's magic lies in turning business dreams into tangible success, and I couldn't be happier with the results."



"Total game changer! If you´re doubting, don´t. Just sign up now!"

"She's like a business streamline maestro. February helped me identify inefficiencies, eliminate unnecessary steps, and streamline my processes. The result? My business is running smoother than ever, and I'm saving time and energy. If you want to turn chaos into order, February is your secret weapon."

kaboompics_olive-soap-wooden-nail-brush-17882 (1).jpg


How Gilded Soaps found their way and became industry leaders.

"The business I dreamed of but had lost sight of is now a reality, features in Vogue, collaborations with dream businesses and higher revenue than I ever thought possible."

"My business needed a makeover, a transformation, and February was the artist behind it all. With her guidance, I not only defined my business better but also streamlined it for maximum impact. Thanks to February's touch, my business is not just surviving; it's thriving with a clientele that appreciates the true worth of what I offer. If you're ready to elevate your business, February is the maestro you need in your corner."

Erin Caddle
Woman in White T-shirt

"I launched my business under February´s guidance and by month 3 was having 25k months!"

"February's guidance on business launch strategy is nothing short of brilliance. She not only coached me through the intricacies of where to spend my time but also helped me align my efforts with the true vision of my business. As a result we saw incredibly fast growth from day one. She´s the strategic genius every budding entrepreneur needs in their corner.



May Hope


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"Partnering with February was a game-changer! In just a few months, our brand became a household name, and our revenue multiplied. Highly recommend their services for phenomenal results!"

- Hope


"We can't thank February enough for the incredible impact she had on our business. From the moment we started working with her, our online presence began to flourish. Their strategic approach led to a significant increase in our customer base, and our revenue saw a remarkable uptick. Our results speak volumes about her expertise!"

- Jamie

Portrait with Apron

"February positioned us as experts in our industry. Highly recommended!"

- Maria


"February took our business to a new level! Within a short timeframe, our sales soared, and we experienced unprecedented growth. Immensely grateful for their outstanding services! I can´t imagine our business without her."

- Julie

Studio Portrait

"Choosing February and her team was one of the best decisions we made for our brand. her expertise in brand marketing is unparalleled. Within a few months, our brand awareness soared, leading to a substantial increase in website traffic. Their team's professionalism and creativity are what make them top of their industry!"

- Lauren

Headshot of a Woman

"Her coaching went beyond the basics, ensuring that my efforts were in perfect alignment with the true vision of my business. The result was not just fast growth; it was a community of engaged followers who resonated with the authenticity of my brand. February's approach to business is a game-changer."

- Joy


Are you ready to reach your full potential?

I can´t wait to hear your vision and help you bring it into reality. 
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