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Welcome to She Hosts!

I help airbnb hosts turn properties into the destination

Whether you've got one cozy unit or a handful of dreamy properties – it's time to turn those bookings up so you can live that life of freedom you've been !

Listen, I get it. Hosting isn't just about handing over keys and calling it a day. It's about creating those 'wow' moments for your guests while keeping your own sanity intact and your pockets full.

That's where I step in – call me your Airbnb wing-woman.

I'm here to have your back, offering down-to-earth advice and practical solutions to help you navigate the ups and downs of hosting while building a long-lasting business that you love.

I'll give you the tools – the same ones that I've tested and tried over and over again on my own rentals and with several others I've helped – so you can build the confidence to rock your Airbnb game and create a profitable vacation rental business that you are proud of.


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I´m Simone, I help mindful Airbnb hosts like yourself!

My thing is to help hosts who want to keep things small, but awesome. Hosts that want to grow their returning guest portfolio and want to offer more than just a place to stay. Hosts that want to build a life of freedom while taking care of their family’s financial future.

Whether you're grappling with maximizing bookings, battling self-doubt in your hosting journey, feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day operations, or simply lacking a clear strategy, take a moment to acknowledge how far you've already come despite these challenges

Now, envision the life of freedom ahead of you while you sit back and listen to your phone ding with another booking received. 


Since the day we packed our bags and moved into a converted sauna so we could rent out our home to turning only three rentals into our primary income and managing them remotely from our dream place in the tropics, I am here to tell you that you do not have to move into an 80 sq ft space in order to grow or get started.


I am here to show you the way. Ready? Let's go.


"I am booked BEYOND my goal for my first 6 months."

"My chat with Simone helped me figure out exactly what to put in each section of my listing to make info easy to find for guests. I have had great success (I am booked BEYOND my goal for my first 6 months), so clearly the coaching session/listing audit was well worth my time."

NAOMI JONES - Alkov Cabin

Interior Design
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Interior Design
How we can work together

01. Airbnb Listing Makeover

A comprehensive listing audit to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations. From photos and descriptions to pricing strategies and amenities, I'll help you fine-tune every aspect of your listing to attract more guests and increase your revenue

02. One-on-One

Let's grab some coffee and tackle your challenges together! Whether you're grappling with pricing dilemmas, guest communication issues, or operational efficiency concerns, I'm here to give practical advice, and personalized solutions to your specific needs.

03. Host Debut Program

For beginner hosts who want to skip the guesswork, I will be with you from crafting a high-converting listing to your first payout. With personalized support every step of the way, we'll embark on this hosting journey together. Call me your "Airbnb wing-woman".

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Hey friend! Ready to do the work? Lean in and unlock the game-changing roadmap that has helped several hosts to upgrade their listings

Inside this guide, you'll discover all the essentials to make your listing shine bright. Consider it your ultimate roadmap and go-to guide to creating and updating an Airbnb listing that will maximize your rental property's potential and boost your earnings.

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Interior Design

Jess Anderson

Pincushion Mountain Haus

"I left our conversations with clear steps to take and an excitement about making the business better."

Mirror and Indoor Plants

Brigette Nies 

Hawkweed House

" This was totally new territory for me and having your support, knowledge, insight and experience has been so reassuring and helpful."

Modern Dining Room

Naomi Jones

Alkov Cabin

"My chat with Simone helped me figure out exactly what to put in each section of my listing to make info easy to find for guests."

simone strand

Are you ready to make the most out of your rental?

I can´t wait to hear your vision and help you bring it into reality. 
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