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Hey there you!

I´m Simone!
Airbnb creator, owner and host, land hacking lover, and financial freedom activist.

Right now, I'm sitting at my dining table, gazing at the Pacific Ocean with a refreshing lemonade nearby, while my child naps and my husband hits the gym. It's 2:55 PM on a Tuesday.

But why does this matter?

Let's rewind.

It all started when we packed our bags and moved into a converted sauna so we could rent out our home. That first step, almost a decade ago, completely changed the direction of our lives.

Wildly unexpected -

That Summer, while we lay in the makeshift bed of our *cough* tiny home, we realized that in two months, we were making what we had anticipated to make in a full year of renting our cabin. 

My initial steps as an Airbnb host were hesitant and uncertain. It took months to find my footing and to feel sure that it was worth it. But, somehow, that way was found. There were plenty of extra hours, triple shifts, algorithms, marketing and pricing strategies until that rental business became real and successful - with a logo and all.

Agua Norte.JPG
The tiny home "aka" sauna
simone strand.jpg
simone strand.JPG

I won't tell you it happened overnight—far from it. Although I do blame our rough beginnings, those first years of trial and error have taught me many lessons.

I learned how to work around the overwhelm of the ever-changing market, the incredible rise in competition, the ways to not only survive but also thrive in the unthinkable, such as a pandemic, the methods to mold our business so we could finally achieve the lifestyle we wanted and make our property work for us, and not the other way around.

Finally, on year 7, we rented our home and moved to Hawaii where I packed all of those years of experience, knowledge, and research and sat at my dining table to write you this. *lemonade sip*


I don't want your Airbnb Journey to be like mine. I want it to be faster and smoother. Wherever you're going, I want to help you get there with no layovers.

simone strand.jpg

Maximized Revenue! Optimize your rental properties with actionable strategies.

Love for your Rental Business! Turning it into a fulfilling venture that brings joy and fun to your life.

Financial Freedom! Build a business that generates passive income streams.

Time Freedom! Devote time to personal passions, inside and outside of your business.

Wealthy Legacy! We're talking about setting up your future generations so they can live the good life too.

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Free 20 minute consultation

Not sure if we are a good match? Want more clarity? Reach out, let´s chat and I´ll do everything I can to help you out.

"I am booked BEYOND my goal for my first 6 months"

"My chat with Simone helped me figure out exactly what to put in each section of my listing to make info easy to find for guests. I have had great success (I am booked BEYOND my goal for my first 6 months), so clearly the coaching session/listing audit was well worth my time."

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