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Your personalized roadmap to transform your Airbnb Listing into a Money and Freedom Machine

Simone Strand at She Hosts

As an Airbnb host, you likely have a dream that is filled with freedom, financial stability, and your property paying for itself. 

But then, life gets busy, and dealing with Airbnb's algorithms and the ever-changing market becomes just too overwhelming. So, fine-tuning your listing ends up on the 'if-I-have-time' section of your to-do list.

The good news is that there's a quick way to make impactful tweaks that can boost your listing so you can get more bookings, and pave the path to hosting success. A success that not only pays for your property but also that gives you the freedom and financial stability you want.

Simone Strand at She Hosts

She Audits

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Your personalized roadmap to transform your Airbnb Listing into a Money and Freedom Machine


I'll review your listing with the intention of making it stand out and securing a higher rank on the Airbnb search page.


I'll prepare recommendations to optimize crucial aspects such as title, description, and photos and often overlooked items, including location description and host profile.


You will receive your personalized roadmap for Airbnb success within 48 hours.

Join the Waitlist For My Next Listing Audit

You will get a...

Personalized Listing Audit Report

An 8-15 minute Video Report filled with recommendations:

  • Get tips on crafting descriptions that captivate guests.

  • Learn how to use keywords effectively for better search results.

  • Discover tricks for enticing property photos.

  • Identify and showcase guest-pleasing amenities.

  • Craft compelling location descriptions.

  • Optimize your host profile for trust.

  • Learn from past guest reviews.

  • Ensure a secure and cozy listing.

and more!
When you enroll today, you will also receive my

Listing Transformation Handbook

In this handbook, I will dive deeper into the facets introduced during the listing audit, providing an invaluable resource for your current or future listing endeavors. It's your go-to guide for setting up a listing with precision, ensuring that each one is optimized to its fullest potential!

Interior Design

You already took the hardest step: to own that property.
Now, it is time to make it all worth it.

Simone Strand.jpg

Hi, I'm Simone

Right now, I'm sitting at my dining table, gazing at the Pacific Ocean with a refreshing lemonade nearby, while my toddler naps and my husband hits the gym. It's 2:55 PM on a Tuesday.

But why does
this matter? Let's rewind.

Our initial steps as Airbnb hosts were hesitant and uncertain. It took us months to find our footing and feel sure that it was worth it. But, somehow, we found our way. We navigated the uncharted waters and created our own path. We crisscrossed the extra hours, triple shifts, algorithms, marketing and pricing strategies and built our very own business - with a logo and all.
I won't tell you it happened overnight. Far from it. And, although I do blame it on our rough beginnings, those first years of trial and error have taught me many lessons.

I learned how to work around the overwhelm of the ever-changing market,
the incredible rise in competition, the ways to not only survive but also thrive in the unthinkable, such as a pandemic, the methods to mold our business so we could finally achieve the lifestyle we wanted and make our property work for us, and not the other way around.

Finally, on year 7, we rented our home and
moved to Hawaii where I packed all of those years of experience, knowledge, and research and sat at my dining table to write you this. *lemonade sip*

I don't want your Airbnb Journey to be like mine. I want it to be faster and smoother. Wherever it is that you're going - I want to help you get there with no layovers.

Simone Strand.jpg

Now is not a good time - I'm busy with work and life. Will a Listing Audit require a lot of my time and effort?

Not at all! I understand that you have a busy schedule. My Listing Audit is designed to be efficient and hassle-free. I'll provide you with clear, actionable recommendations that you can implement at your own pace, making it easy to enhance your listing without a significant time commitment.

"I cannot thank you enough!"

Getting our Airbnb up and running was totally new territory for me and having your support, knowledge, insight and experience has been so reassuring and helpful. Your suggestions and feedback not only helped me feel confident about the decisions we were making but also provided us with lots of great ideas and inspiration. I cannot thank you enough!

Brigette Nies at Hawkweed House

Ready to get that property working for you?

(and not the other way around?)

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