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Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

Whether you have been hosting for years or are just starting out, you have likely noticed the sea of competition and have wondered how to make your Airbnb listing stand out. Well, I'm glad you asked, and I'm so excited to tell you! Welcome, fellow Airbnb host, to the art of crafting listings that captivate guests' eyes - according to Airbnb.

First things first: Photography

Imagine Airbnb as a sweet dating app: guests are scrolling through the app looking for that perfect match. Most pictures look very similar; some are poorly lit or messy, some are way too good to be true, and some are blurry, making them wonder what it looks like in real life? And then, they come across your cover photo: a welcoming, well-lit, clean, high-quality handsome shot of your "wow-factor" - I'm talking about that special amenity you offer and all guests talk about or the gorgeous view or that cool corner of the living room.

Agua Norte cedar bathroom with white robes

The first 5 photos are their first impression, so select them wisely. Use a combination of wide and detailed shots and a general view of all the rooms. Take your guests through a tour of your property and truly show off. If selecting the photos that will increase your visibility and bookings is a source of overwhelm, join my Listing Audit and let me help you.

Title, Description, and Amenities

Once your photos have captivated their attention, they will want to read more to make sure you are a good match. Craft a description that sparks curiosity and embodies the essence of your space. As your guests enter your listing, your description should envelop them in the unique narrative of their potential stay. Create a picture in their minds about how they could use the space and what experiences await them.

The first paragraph of your description should contain 5 big items:

  1. Your biggest "wow-factor". (e.g., lakefront cabin)

  2. What: What makes the property unique (e.g., modern a-frame)

  3. Where: Highlights of where it is located (e.g., tucked away but near town)

  4. Who: Who does it serve best. (e.g., families)

  5. Picture: Draw a picture in their minds. (e.g., enjoy the sunsets)

The paragraph for this example could look something like this: "Lakefront Cabin tucked in the woods but only a short drive away from downtown. This modern A-Frame is perfect for families and small groups. Start the day with a swim on the lake and end with a bonfire watching the sunset from the deck."

After reading your first paragraph, guests may look for "The Space" section to ensure it matches their needs. Use that section to describe everything included.

Pro tip: Use bullet points and categorize room by room to make it easier for skimmers. Always create an image in their minds.

Price Competitively

The final stage before booking is ensuring that your listing fits their budget or promises enough oomph to make them go over it. Your Pricing Strategy is your Northstar when making decisions about your rental finances, and it should be flexible and adaptable. It is essential to find the right balance between maximizing profit, providing value to your guests, and feeling good about it all. Here are 4 steps to get there:

Step 1 - Calculate Total Daily Cost: Calculate all your fixed and variable costs.

Step 2 - Set Minimum Nightly Rate: It should cover your daily cost and generate a reasonable return on investment.

Step 3 - Research and Analysis: Research Airbnb and online tools such as AirDNA.

Step 4 - Use Dynamic Pricing: These tools automatically adjust your rates based on real-time factors such as demand, supply, and local events. I've tested various pricing tools, and I'm really impressed with Pricelabs.

After Making Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

From the visual appeal of well-selected photos to the mental image created by your listing description, combined with a well round pricing strategy, you're on your way to stand out from the crow of Airbnb listings. Let's work together to push you towards the top of the list - and to keep you there. Join She Audits, and let's elevate your hosting game, creating listings that shine brightly and resonate deeply.

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