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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products can be cheaper (with this Amazon hack)

If when you hear the word "eco-friendly," you immediately let out a wistful sigh and think, "Oh, only if it was cheaper," you are not alone (hello, everyone!). But I have good news: with a few tweaks and research, your eco-friendly products lineup can be cheaper than toxic brands.

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1-on-1 coming soon...

Whether you are looking for a rundown on how to start your Airbnb, just want a few pointers or to bounce ideas about a specific situation, I am your girl!


Work with me to launch or grow your short-term rental business. In our sessions, we will discuss your goals, analyze your listing, set up automation that will help you reduce your time and increase your bookings.

Let's get your rental up, running and optimized!

She Hosts by Simone Strand
She Hosts by Simone Strand
Hey there,
I am Simone

When I heard a friend say that she wanted the same thing but had no idea where to start, I knew that I needed to do something about it. I had heard it over and over and while I had mostly resolved it with an empathetic nod, I couldn't anymore. 

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